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How Our Pricing Works

After the initial consultation, where the project details will be described in full, the Saintlify team will internally discuss the nature, needs, time, and work that will be required to fulfill the needs of your project. Since every business' project needs and requirements differ, our pricing model may change from person-to-person. Please be aware that we always try to stay on the side of being fair regarding our pricing, but certain restraints/requests may increase and/or decrease the design and development costs associated to your project(s).

Some of the factors that may contribute to the total cost of your project's development include:

Hosting Platform

ReactJS / Netlify

E-Commerce Functionality

Does your business operate from an E-Commerce model?

E-Commerce is time-consuming and requires a great deal of effort to perfect.

Multi-Page Applications

Single-page websites/applications often yield a quicker turnaround. Multi-Page sites require more time and routing through links, functionality, and require an increased focus to the User Experience.

Optional Add-On's

If continuous development, hosting, and management by Saintlify is requested by the client, the following subscription plans can be added. With these services, Saintlify will continually provide development assistance, platform guidance and assistance, hosting management, and website content update(s) throughout the duration of the plan. This feature is completely optional, and in no way is required for the initial development of a client's site.

  • Pay Per Month

    Every month
    Hosting costs and Development Initiatives month-to-month
    • Cancel plan after any month
    • Hassle-Free Domain Hosting
    • On-Demand Design & Development Team
  • Pay Bi-Yearly

    Every 6 months
    Hosting costs and Development Initiatives every six months
    • Long-Term hosting security
    • Price efficient hosting plan
    • On-demand Design & Development
  • Best Value

    Pay per Year

    Every year
    Hosting costs and Development Initiatives for a year.
    • Long(est)-Term Hosting Security
    • Most Cost Efficient Hosting & CI/CD Plan
    • On-Demand Design & Development
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