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Our Story

Saintlify was founded in 2022 by Tyler and Shanae Zimmerman as a means to provide web design and development services to those that are looking for a simple solution while not breaking the bank.

Image by Christopher Gower

Tyler Zimmerman is the co-founder and Lead Web Development Specialist in charge of ensuring our clients' product functions effectively and efficiently. He has obtained his Master's of Science in Software Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University in 2023, and his Bachelor's of Science in Healthcare Informatics in 2021. On pace to become a Doctoral candidate by the end of 2024, education is at the forefront of Tyler's ambitions. He has worked as a machine learning and artificial intelligence engineer, an automation engineer, and currently serves as the co-founder of Saintlify.

Saintlify was founded out of a love for web development and the inherent need for a web development solution that is affordable for the business owners of the world to be able to effectively run his/her business without breaking the bank from development costs.

Shanae Zimmerman is the Saintlify co-founder and Lead Web Design Specialist, in charge of ensuring that clients' ideas come to life. Shanae earned her degree in graphic design from Liberty University and has been engaged in multiple independent and contract programs that instill a web design and graphic design focus on the development process. 

Shanae co-founded Saintlify due to her belief that business owners should not have to consistently pay unrealistic prices for design and development purposes. If she can apply her skills and passions toward the accomplishments of individuals and businesses, then that is a win in her book.

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